Britney Spears Is Still Making A Splash…

Britney Spears is taking a break form her Circus Tour! The Pop Singer spent the day laying out poolside at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey with her two sons Preston and Jayden. Britney Spears seemed really happy to be with the boys, she spent a couple hours playing spending time with them in the pool!  Marina Del Rey, California, USA.16/08/2009

There’s no story to go with these pictures of Britney playing with her boys at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Los Angeles yesterday because we already told you all the latest Britney news earlier on today and since then she hasn’t done anything else newsworthy, how annoying.

So anyway, unless you’d like to hear about her getting dumped by her boyfriend all over again then just the pictures will have to do for now, sorry, but at least they’re good pictures eh?!

Paris Hilton Avoids Getting Sued £5million…

Paris Hilton leaves empty handed after shopping at Fred Segal's in Hollywood. California, USA. 16/07/2009
Paris Hilton must be breathing a massive sigh of relief today after a judge ruled she was not liable for the costs of her flop movie Pledge This!

Producers of the comedy had been trying to sue Paris £5million over claims she hadn’t promoted the release of the film’s DVD sufficiently.

In his verdict, the judge in the case suggested that the movie's failure was caused by the "inexperienced" producers, adding: "Any causal connection between Ms Hilton's alleged breaches and the financial ruin of the film are wholly speculative."

But even though the socialite has avoided paying £5million, apparently she may still have to repay the £607,493 that she received to appear in and executive produce the dire film – but that’s alright because that’s probably just like a bit of spare change to Paris…

Guess Who?? Guess Who???

Lily Allen with Mark Ronson on the main stage during day 1 of the O2 Wireless Festival 2008 in London, UK. 03/07/2008

Guess who surprised crowds with an impromptu performance at the Wireless Festival in London’s Hyde Park yesterday???

None other than Lily Allen and we’re guessing she wasn’t expecting to perform as that is the only logical explanation for her outfit. Nobody in their right mind would plan to go on stage dressed like that surely! Sporting an unflattering pair of leopard print leggings Lily took to the stage with Mark Ronson to perform a cover of the Kaiser Cheifs ‘Oh My God’ and her own track ‘Littlest Things.'

Look What The Cat Dragged In…

WORLD RIGHTS - Sisters Peaches and Pixie Geldof attending Bungalow 8 in Camden, London, UK. 19/06/2008
[Images: Mark Milan/Justin Palmer/Mr.Paparazzi]
Only a few weeks ago we told you that Peaches I-don’t-go-out-anymore Geldof revealed she was sick of hanging out in all the usual celebrity haunts. In fact in an interview Peaches specifically uttered the words: "I can't be bothered going out and falling out of Bungalow 8 p****d any more"

Peaches caught-on-camera-purchasing-drugs Geldof, then went on to say: "I've been at home, eating takeaways with my boyfriend Faris and watching DVDs."

That’s weird, because we could’ve sworn we saw Peaches I’m-a-liar Geldof leave Bunglow 8 Club in Covent Garden last night with her sister Pixie I-try-too-hard Geldof. Wait, and whose that she’s come with?? That can’t be her boyfriend, The Horrors star, Faris Badwan, can it?? That doesn’t look much like staying in and watching DVDs to us…

(We know you love a good gallery: flick through this one to see other stars spill out of the celebrity hangout last night.)

Britney Spears’ Sister Ready To Give Birth

Actress JAMIE LYNN SPEARS at the US Magazine Hot Hollywood Party held at Club Opera, Hollywood, USA. 26/09/2007

We don’t know about you but we’re sick of celebrities breeding. From Britain and America there’s been a recent spree in celebrity births/pregnancies. Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson, Charlotte Church and now news is emerging that Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of troubled singer Britney (in case you didn’t know), has gone into hospital to have a caesarean section…

According to reports, Jamie was bought into a clinic in Kentwood, LA, yesterday in order to have the surgical procedure today – due to complications in the pregnancy. Apparently big sis Britters has been let off her leash long enough to help welcome the new-born cherub into this world.

What a joyous horrific sight that would be for the happy traumatised child….

The Hilton’s Play Happy Families..

Paris and Conrad Hilton treat Rick Hilton to a father's day dinner at Mr Chow restaurant with their mother Kathy, Los Angeles, California, USA. 15/06/2008

Over the weekend Paris and her younger brother Conrad treated their dad Rick to a fathers day meal at Mr Chow in Los Angeles….Sporting a white floral embroidered dress we have to admit Paris looked pretty darn good. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for her younger brother who appeared to have raided his dad’s wardrobe. Still he’s young so we’ll let him off this time…

Kate Moss Has Some Toilet Troubles…

Kate Moss picks up the kids, does a spot of shopping and enjoys the nice weather in London, UK.  10/06/2008
[Images: Mr Paparazzi]
Hoover-nosed Kate Moss, who is just as famous for her narcotic antics as she is for being a scraggly supermodel, threw a massive diva strop over not being let into the bathroom of a New York club the other day…

Kate, who was attending the Agent Provocateur party, at Milk Studios in NY, was thrown into a fit of rage after a toilet attendant wouldn’t let her go into a cubicle with her three friends.

Apparently the attendant told her there was a strict one person at a time policy and she flipped out, shouting, in her most dulcet Croydon tones: "But I'm hosting the event". After a brief exchange of heated words Kate said, “forget it” and flounced away. Twenty minutes later she left with her group, yelling something about finding another place to go to.

What could she have wanted to go into a toilet cubicle with three of her friends for? The mind boggles…

(Our spies spotted Kate enjoying the sunshine earlier today in London town, flick through our gallery and take a look at the snaps)

Becks And Leona To Close Beijing Olympics…

Leona Lewis seen arriving for radio interviews in Sydney.  Australia 29/04/2008
[Images: Big Australia/UPI]
The controversial Beijing Summer Olympics gets underway in a little over six weeks time and it’s been reported today that David Beckham and Leona Lewis will be taking part in the closing ceremony….According to reports the ‘handover’ performance, which marks the point when the games are officially passed on to London, will feature Beckham leaping from a bus as well as a performance from sexy songstress Leona Lewis, culminating in some flag waving from London Mayor Boris Johnson. Sounds pretty amazing right? Well maybe not the Boris bit, but the rest sounds pretty good.

Guess Who?? Guess Who???

Singer/model Agyness Deyn arriving at the Nokia Green Room in Riverside Studios with band The Five O'Clock Heroes to perform a show, Hammersmith. London. UK. 15/06/2008
[Images: Mr Paparazzi]
When your legs are battered and bruised it’s probably not a wise idea to wear a pair of super short shorts!! Which celebrity revealed their not so lovely legs in London this weekend????

Scabby Aggy, we expected more from you, after all you are supposed to be a supermodel or maybe it’s part of her new rock and roll image. The model turned singer flashed her black and blue legs as she arrived at the Riverside Studios to perform with The Five O’Clock Heroes in Hammersmith this weekend.

I Spy With My Little Eye….

Pete Wentz and pregnant Ashlee Simpson seen heading out of town in LAX on Father's Day. The couple get a laugh after the security double check their California IDs. Los Angeles. USA. 15/06/2008
[Images: Limelight]
A teeny tiny baby bump! Newlyweds Pete and Ashlee couldn’t have looked more in love if they tried when we spotted them leaving Los Angeles International airport on Father’s Day. Yuck, it makes you sick doesn’t it?

The Fall Out Boy frontman recently revealed the happy couple might be expecting twins when he slipped up during a radio interview:

“We’ve been keeping a book so far, like a journal for them – for then when they’re, uh, born”

Yeah good one Pete like that wasn’t totally set up. If these two are having twins we’ll eat our hat!

The Nicole And Joel Wedding….

Nicole Richie takes baby Harlow for a morning stroll around the neighborhood. During the walk Nicole meets up with a neighbor that seems to share the excitement about her new found maternal skills as well as her upcoming nuptials. Glendale, USA 14/06/2008
[Images: Snap-Pix]
A couple of weeks ago we shared a rumour with you that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden we’re planning to tie the knot in a £1million ceremony at Lionel Richie’s Bel-Air mansion at the end of this month. But with two weeks to go until the predicted wedding date Joel posted a message on his website with the title ‘We did it!! Nicole and I finally got married!!!.......’

So i feel really stupid even posting this, but i've been getting calls and texts from my family all week asking me why they weren't invited to my wedding. I guess the only answer i could give them was that i didnt know we were having one. So i just found out that star magazine wrote some story about a 2 MILLION dollar wedding we are supposed to be having, and thats where it came from. Sooooo if you were pissed at me for not inviting you or even telling you, dont blame me, theres nothing to worry about. Its just star magazine. How long do you think it will be before they write we called it off, or we broke up? i give them a week or two......

So what do you reckon? Is he just trying to throw us off the scent? Or did Star magazine get it wrong again?? Yesterday we caught up with the bride to be Nicole taking a stroll with baby Harlow.

Get A Room.....

Actress Eva Longoria and Tony Parker attending French Basket ball ProA final Nancy Vs Roanne in Bercy stadium. Tony and Eva were here to support Nancy team in which TJ Parker, Tony's brother, plays as a professional. Nancy finally became France Champion as Tony and Eva couldn't stop kissing and greeting their favorite team. Paris, France. 15/06/2008
[Images: Eliot Press]

Tony Parker couldn't keep his hands off Eva Longoria when they attended the French Basket ball Pro A final in Paris this weekend. The loved up couple were virtually inseparable but we think we've found a cure for that - next time Tony can't resist locking lips with his lovely lady perhaps he should take a look at this......

Hot stuff eh! Where did that chin come from? It's like magic trick, one minute she looks lovely and then the next pow!!!

Good Riddance…

British Socialite Peaches Geldof attending the UT Matt Urwin collaboration Launch Party in London, UK. 01/05/2008
[Images: Mr Paparazzi]
Celebrity nobody, Peaches Geldof is claiming that she simply “can’t be bothered” to go out on the razz anymore…

Peaches’ claims will come as a surprise to many who have come to know, and despise, her very public drunken antics.

The spawn of Bob Geldof’s loins has said she would much rather spend an evening watching DVDs with her boyfriend than getting drunk in nightclubs.

"I can't be bothered going out and falling out of Bungalow 8 p****d any more," Peaches recently claimed whilst trying to keep a smirk from erupting on her chops.

"I've been at home, eating takeaways with my boyfriend Faris and watching DVDs. We got the box set of the 1970s series The Prisoner."

We’re absolutely sure that Peaches recent lifestyle change has got nothing to do with the fact that a recent video emerged of her buying drugs, resulting in a subsequent grilling by police. And we’re certainly definite that the fact she is choosing to stay in more often has absolutely nothing to do with reports that her father has allegedly curbed her credit card spending.

Obviously in the last few weeks Peaches has undergone a massive transformation, and has morphed into a more wholesome camera-shy kind of girl. Pull the other leg love…

Rooney Wedding News...

Mr & Mrs Rooney, Wayne and Coleen heading out from their lavish italian wedding to an airport in Italy. 14/06/2008
[Images: Luca Ghidoni-Agenzia]
We bet you’ve been dying to know what went on at the Rooney’s wedding in Italy right?? Well, here’s a little snippet of information that we’ve just got hold of…

Apparently pig-faced Wayne serenaded new wife Colleen at their wedding by jumping on stage with Westlife and launching into their hit song Swear it Again. Surprisingly, his singing voice was actually rather good – we’d imagined Wayne could only communicate through a series of primitive grunts and oinks, but what do we know.

According to a source Wayne’s romantic gesture allegedly made his new bride cry:

"Some guests said it was the most romantic thing they'd ever seen. Colleen was not the only one in tears. It was the perfect end to the perfect day.”

Wayne is reported to have forked out around £400,000 to have Colleen’s favourite band, Westlife, to play at the wedding. there’s not accounting for taste is there…

Flick though our gallery to see the happy couple on their way back from the wedding.

Nice To See You, To See You Nice

UK AND IRELAND RIGHTS ONLY  - Liverpool and England footballer Steve Gerrard and his wife, Alex Curran in the swimming pool, Miami, Florida, USA.
[Images: Enfoque]
Jeez Louise, would you look at this!!! We spotted footballer Steven Gerard relaxing in a swimming pool with his wife Alex Curran, sporting a rather engorged…

Male member. As the Liverpool footballer relaxed on a inflatable lilo in a pool in Miami we couldn’t help but notice a rather visible lump protruding through his swimming trunks.

Frolicking in the sunny weather, Curran and Gerrard seemed to be beaming out exceptionally cheeky grins to our photographers.

Now, we’re not too sure whether Gerrard is actually excited (nudge nudge, wink wink) or not, but either way – we’re impressed.

Lovers Tiff Ladies??

Samantha Ronson stops by the set of 'Labor Pains' to visit gal pal Lindsay Lohan. The pair have yet to confirm their rumored relationship.  Los Angeles, USA.  12/06/2008
[Images: Bauer Griffin]
Yong love is sweet, isn’t it? Sometimes though, it can be tumultuous - just look at these two! We caught up with just-good-friends Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson in LA on Thursday looking as though they were exchanging some fairly heated words….

Samantha popped down to visit her pal, LiLo on the set of her soon to be Oscar Razzie nominated film Labor Pains, and during a break in filming the pair sat in a private area to have a good old natter.

But judging by these snaps, it looks as though the conversation took a particularly nasty turn for the worst. Eventually the just-good-friends parted and Lindsay returned to filming with an especially surly look on her chops. We’re sure they’ll kiss and make up soon…

Winehouse Back On Form??

Singer Amy Winehouse performs on stage at the Glastonbury Festival 2007, Somerset, UK 22/06/2007
[Images: Mr Paparazzi]
This might just be the most shocking piece of Winehouse related news we’ve received in a long time. Forget that scandalous racist video from last weekend and listen to this: on Thursday, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, whisked Amy away on a private jet to his native Country for a £1million-pound-deal private gig. And you’ll never guess what….

Apparently the concert went rather well. Seriously, surprising we know. Sources have revealed that the multi-award winning singer actually managed to maintain a high-level of standard throughout her one-hour performance without any hiccups or controversy, and, what’s more, she actually rather impressed her 300-strong crowd.

The billionaire Chelsea boss flew the troubled diva out in his private jet for a live show at the opening of The Garage, an arts and cultural centre run by his girlfriend Dasha Zhukova. As well as laying on the jet, a fleet of staff and cuisine for the one- gig, he also sorted out any potential visa problems for the Back to Black star.

“Abramovich made sure there were no obstacles to Amy coming into the country and performing,” said a source.

“He had to convince political authorities that Winehouse would behave herself and not send out a bad message from the cultural centre.”

It seems as though Roman had nothing to worry about though, despite her poor performance at the Rock In Rio Festival a couple of weeks ago. Even after her hour long set Amy was sober enough to chat with Abramovich, his girlfriend and dignitaries at the bash. The songstress’ spokesman, Chris Goodman released this statement shortly after the concert:

“It was a great gig. Amy was on terrific form and everyone was happy with the show.”

Is Amy finally back on form?? Watch this space…

Hey Guys, Whatcha Looking At....

Football Player Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran enjoying the nice weather, sunbathing by the swimming pool and using a laptop computer, while on Holiday in Miami, Florida.  13/06/2008
[Images: Enfoque]
Uh oh, we’ve got a sneaky suspicion we know exactly what caught Steven Gerrard and his wife Alex Curran’s eye on that laptop screen earlier on today. It wouldn’t happen to be THESE pictures of them sunning themselves by the pool in Miami would it??? Hang on we’ve just realised something…… If they end up reading this blog post then they’ll be looking at pictures of themselves looking at pictures of themselves, how crazy is that??! Okay, maybe it’s not crazy but it’s a teensy-weensy bit amusing right?

How Do We Say This Nicely??

Kate Moss v's Agyness Deyn 13/06/08
[Images: Grzegorz Hibner/Unit 2]
Earlier today we spotted Agyness Deyn strutting through London in a particularly interesting outfit. It appeared to consist of a black pair of hot pants, a boob tube, some over the knee socks and a pair of extremely high-waisted orthopaedic tights. Very bizarre but we have to admit she kind of pulled it off..... Meanwhile over in Germany we caught up with Kate Moss who was sporting a black dress covered in diamond like crystals and we couldn’t help but notice……How bleeding rough she looked!!

Meet The Next Nicole Richie…

TV Personality Nicole Richie and Musician Joel Madden are seen taking a stroll in their Glendale, Neighbourhood, USA. 12/06/2008
[Images: Limelight Pictures]

Television bosses must really have been scrapping the barrel when they even contemplated creating this new show: apparently Nicole Richie has been pitching plans for a reality TV programme which would see the scrawny socialite searching the USA for the next…

Nicole Richie. Really, that’s her idea for a television show, and surprisingly, television bosses are actually taking the plans quite seriously.

According to reports, if the project gets the green light, seven girls would be picked on their ability to achieve mega-fame. And what will be their prize be we hear you ask?? Another reality show centred around the winner, obviously.

Apparently three cable networks have already been desperate enough to express an interest in the potential reality TV show.

We’d like to suggest and idea for a TV show: Nicole Richie searching the globe for her own moral conscience and sense of self-respect. She’d never find it. How hard can it be to find an underweight ex-heroin addict with an ugly boyfriend anyway?